Sunday, April 17, 2011

A restart usually takes time

After quite a long period off, it's about time to get into running again. Unbelievable - I haven't been running since July 2010 except for some runs not worth mentioning in between.
Today, I finally ended that streak after getting inspired by watching the Vienna City Marathon and London Marathon coverages. Seeing these races reminded me of all the positive and exciting facets of running that I've experienced in the past. It's not only about racing - it's also about the training runs that I put in to come that far. It's always been a thrilling ride to prepare for the one day where it counts and you have to recall the confidence you gains from countless runs in preparation for the event.

5k was my goal today, just an easy 5k at around 6min/k. I expected it to be less straightforward that usual, I knew it would take more effort. However, I didn't anticipate just how different and difficult it was going to be. How have I ever been capable of running at sub-4min pace, let alone capable of running 42 kilometers? Despite an almost embarrassingly slow pace, my heart race was through the roof right from the beginning, even during the first kilometer. I was taking it slow to ease into the game again, but it seems it wasn't slow enough... Only five kilometers, obviously enough to make the workout unusually exhausting.

I guess that's what happens when you re-enter the sport after a considerable pause, restarting simply takes a higher level of effort. It will be interesting to see how I will progress, how long it will take until my old shape is in sight again. After today's run, I'm excited to find out...